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Complying with pool safety legislation can be complex, but Be Legal is here to help.

Our licensed pool safety inspectors provide comprehensive reports on compliance and recommend necessary repairs.

We issue an entry notice (Form 9) to the tenant to ensure legal access under the Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.

Our pre-inspection checklist is available upon request for property owners or managers.


Our Pool Safety Compliance Services Include:

Comprehensive inspection of your pool barrier.

Reinspection if required.

Non-Conformity notice/report if applicable.

Issuing a Pool Safety Certificate.

Minor Repairs can be done by us


Pool Safety Legislation in Australia

Landlords have a legal obligation in Australia to ensure that their rental property is safe and secure, and this includes pool safety. Failure to provide this duty of care is a criminal offence.

State Legislation (Queensland)

  • The Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) is responsible for pool compliance, pool safety inspector licensing, and disciplinary actions in Queensland.
  • Queensland’s pool safety laws were introduced in 2009 and apply to all pools, both new and existing.
  • All pools must be registered on a national pool safety register, regardless of whether the property is rented or privately owned.

Key Pool Safety Requirements

  • Pool safety certificates are mandatory for rental properties with a pool when signing or renewing a lease.
  • Portable pools or spas holding more than 300mm of water must have a pool safety certificate.
  • Property owners must comply with a single pool safety standard (since December 2015) to prevent accidents and injuries.

Pool Fences and Safety Laws

  • Pool fences must meet specific height and gap requirements.
  • Pool gates must be self-closing and self-latching, opening outward from the pool area.
  • Latches on gates must be positioned at a certain height and may require safety measures.


Do I need a pool safety certificate when selling my home?

The process varies depending on the type of pool and whether it’s shared or non-shared:

  • For non-shared pools, you can sell with or without a Pool Safety Certificate. If you provide a certificate, it must be given to the buyer before settlement. If not, you must give a Form 36 – Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate.
  • For shared pools, the same rules apply, but you must provide a completed Form 36 to the body corporate and QBCC.


Expiry Date for Certificates

  • Pool safety certificates for non-shared pools are valid for 2 years from the date of issue and 1 year for shared pools.


Pool Safety Inspections

As trusted leaders in pool safety certification, Be Legal Property Compliance can inspect your pool and issue the necessary certificates. Book Now or call our inspector on 07 5563 0340.

Quick Guide to QLD Pool Fence Regulations

  • Minimum fence height: 1200mm.
  • Maximum allowable gap from the ground to the bottom of the barrier: 100mm.
  • Gap between horizontal rails: 900mm with specific conditions.
  • Climbable objects must be kept away from the pool barrier.

What Is Classed as a Swimming Pool?

The Building Act 1975 defines a swimming pool as an excavation or structure:

  • Swimming pools, including portable pools and spas, must comply with safety laws based on their water-holding capacity.
  • Some types of water features are exempt from these regulations.

How Much Is a Pool Safety Certificate in QLD?

The fee for a Form 23/Pool Safety Certificate is $44.26 and is required for your pool or spa.

How Much Does a Pool Safety Inspection Cost?

Our Pool Safety Inspection cost is only $149.00 (including GST) for the average size pool area. We aim to provide cost-effective services while ensuring your pool is safe and compliant.

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