Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

Welcome to Be Legal Property Services (“Be Legal”). In this privacy policy, references to “Be Legal,” “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to Be Legal Property Services ABN 48 648 030 335, and references to “you” or “your” refer to the person about whom Be Legal collects information under this privacy policy. Be Legal is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains how and when we collect personal and credit-related information, how we use and disclose this information, and how we ensure its security, accuracy, and accessibility.

  1. What is Personal Information?

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) defines “personal information” as information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is reasonably identifiable from the information or opinion.

  1. Sensitive Information

a) What is Sensitive Information? Sensitive information is a subset of personal information, including information or opinion about an individual’s:

  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Political opinions
  • Membership of a political organization
  • Religious beliefs or affiliations
  • Philosophical beliefs
  • Membership of a professional or trade association
  • Membership of a trade union
  • Sexual orientation or practices
  • Criminal record
  • Health information about an individual
  • Genetic information
  • Biometric information for automated biometric verification or identification


b) Collection of Sensitive Information Be Legal seeks to limit the collection of sensitive information but may collect it when necessary for the services provided to you. Be Legal will not collect sensitive information without your consent.

  1. Consent to Collection of Sensitive Information

We may collect certain types of sensitive information with your consent.

  1. What is Credit Related Information?

Credit related information includes personal information such as identification details, types of credit sought, and credit records of individuals.

  1. Collection of Personal and Credit Related Information


a) Types of Information Collected Be Legal only collects personal and credit-related information necessary for its services. The types of information we may collect include but are not limited to:

  • Contact information (full name, email address, postal address, delivery address, and phone numbers)
  • Property details and occupant contact information
  • Information related to purchases of services
  • Financial and billing information (credit card details, bank account details, billing address)
  • Proof of identity (date of birth, driver’s license, passport, birth certificate)
  • Opinions, statements, and endorsements
  • Participation in marketing and promotional activities


b) Collection Methods We collect your information directly from you whenever possible. In some cases, we may collect information from third-party sources when it is unreasonable or impractical to collect it from you directly, always subject to your consent where applicable.

  1. How Be Legal May Use and Disclose Your Information


We use and disclose your information for various purposes, including:

  • Verifying your identity
  • Providing Be Legal services and ancillary services
  • Administering and managing our services
  • Improving our services
  • Maintaining and developing our business systems
  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • Compliance with applicable laws
  • Sale or potential sale of the Be Legal business
  • Other purposes related to the above
  1. Types of Organizations to Which Be Legal May Disclose Your Information


We may disclose your information to organizations outside Be Legal, including:

  • Offshore service providers
  • Related entities and subsidiaries of Be Legal
  • Third parties for processing online payment card transactions
  • Third parties for services related to products purchased
  • Advertising agencies for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Contractors, agents, and partners assisting in providing services
  1. Direct Marketing

By providing your personal information to Be Legal, you consent to receiving Marketing Communications about our services and third-party products and services. You may opt out of receiving Marketing Communications at any time.

  1. Cross-Border Disclosure

Be Legal may transfer and store your information outside Australia, including New Zealand, for data hosting and service provider purposes. By providing your information, you consent to such disclosure.

  1. Data Quality and Security

We take reasonable steps to ensure the security, accuracy, and quality of your personal information. While we implement security measures, you acknowledge the inherent risks associated with electronic information handling and transmission.

  1. Access to and Correction of Your Information

You have the right to access and correct your personal information held by Be Legal. You can make such requests in writing, and we will respond within a reasonable timeframe.

  1. Dealing with Be Legal Anonymously

You may deal with Be Legal anonymously or using a pseudonym when making general inquiries about our goods and services. However, for engagement with our services, we require accurate identification.

  1. Resolving Privacy Complaints

We have mechanisms in place to resolve privacy complaints. If you have concerns or complaints about our use of your information, please contact us in writing. If you are unsatisfied with our response, you may refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

  1. Consent

By using Be Legal’s website or services, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. We reserve the right to modify this policy, and your continued use of our services after such modifications constitutes your agreement to the updated terms.

Please keep this information for future reference. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact us at: